"When we fly the American flag, we honor what we STAND for as a Nation."

What better way to show your patriotism than by flying the flag in your yard. It shows all members of service and their families how grateful you are for the risks and sacrifices that are made to ensure the freedom that we get to enjoy.


Think about the last time you drive through a neighborhood flying the American flag, 

How did you feel? 

Did you feel Pride? Did you feel Unity? Did you feel Safe, Grateful, Peace? 

At STAND Flagpoles, we celebrate freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while recognizing the freedoms that we enjoy were given through the blood & Sacrifices of our bravest. 

The Strength to STAND in CATEGORY 1 HURRICANE Winds!

We completely remastered the Telescoping Flagpole by spending countless hours working with American engineering firms. Together we're now able to pair the strength of a sold aluminum pole with the maneuverability and price of a standard telescoping pole. The Roosevelt is without a doubt the best of both worlds. Let me explain why: 

152% Stronger Aluminum: A wider 3-inch diameter plus 50% thicker aluminum gives the Roosevelt the Strength other poles simply can't match.

Anodized Outer Shell: The anodizing method we used gives a hardness rating second to only diamonds, protecting the metal from wear and tear while making it harder at the same time. Its sleek black finish is battle tested and ready for whatever your yard can throw at it. 

Pin & Pinch Locking System: This proprietary system uses metal pins to lock sections in place and a pinching sleeve to keep the telescoping sections sturdy. There has never been a simpler way to set up the pole and know it's never going to fall. 

Meet Sean

He is a proud American business owner. 

Over the past 5 years, he has worked hard building his construction business up from a small one-man operation to a business now employing more than 15 people.

Sean got the Roosevelt Flagpole to fly the flag as a reminder to be grateful every day for the freedoms we enjoy and for his opportunity to chase his American Dream. 

"Dear Jill's, 

As a veteran starting my own company 5 years ago was one of the biggest leaps I've taken in my life. I started this whole thing because my willingness to put my blood, sweat, and tears into every job was what I knew best. That's the only way I know how to take care of my family. 

There were many sleepless nights over the first few years, but I am proud to say that we've broken through and now I can support other people in my community! We have grown and are able to support 15 American families. I'm truly living the American Dream. 

For my business's 5 year anniversary I decided to order two of your Roosevelt Flagpoles. One for the office and the other for my home. 

Flying the American Flag outside my office and my home is a great reminder that the American Dream I grew up envisioning is still alive and well. Every day I get to look at the Flag with gratitude to those who have fought to protect this land and keep it FREE so the rest of us can live the lives we choose. 

Thanks for all you do."

- Sean

Are YOU Ready to Make Your Support Known? 

Because what people are calling "America's Flagpole"...

The Roosevelt Flagpole is back in stock for Summer 2022! A LIMITED RUN!

But don't wait to order yours. Due to shipping delays and our large volume of sales, WE DON'T EXPECT OUR CURRENT STOCK TO LAST LONG! 

We sold out of all our flag poles last year before the 4th of July and we're on pace to do it again this summer.

"The things that the flag stands for were created by the experiences of a great people. 

Everything that it stands for was written by their lives. The flag is the embodiment, not of 

sentiment, but of history." 

- Woodrow Wilson

We partnered with STAND Flagpoles to bring you a quality flag pole at an affordable price!

Listen... The Roosevelt Flagpole sells faster than anything we've seen in the past 8 years... 

Our first run of Roosevelt Flagpoles took a little while to take off, but then they spread like wildfire! 

In fact, the results from the Roosevelt Flagpole were so impactful that we sold out of our second run within 25 days.

Our third run sold out in 11 days.

And every time we got more in stock we wold run out of stock, almost immediately.

We had customers who were purchasing 2-3 at a a time! 

We just got out summer 2022 run in and even now... we are watching our inventory like a hawk.

The demand for a flagpole in 2022 is unprecedented. We couldn't be more grateful that the Roosevelt has continued to become a staple and a symbol of patriotism in homes across America. With this kind of growth the last thing we would want is to turn folks away because they simply didn't order in time. 

Your flagpole is sitting in our warehouse waiting for your order. Don't let someone else claim it! 

Fast Shipping 

Today we are offering an incredible deal on the Roosevelt Flagpole. Plus, you will receive FAST 2-5 Day Shipping... but only while supplies last. Did we mention shipping is FREE too? Keep reading to claim yours!

Be Careful. Not All Flagpoles Are Created Equal

Purchasing a Telescoping Flagpole can be risky.

You've seen the cheap flimsy Flagpoles that blow over or get stick when you are trying to set it up or take it down. 

You've also seen the $1500 Flagpoles that are way overpriced compared to what you actually get. The price is purely just to trick you into thinking you're paying for all the top notch benefits. When in fact, it has none. 

Stand meets you at the perfect spot. Our 25' Roosevelt Flagpole was engineered with your pride and freedom as the top priority. 

That's why it has continued to sweep the nation. 

2022 SALE!

Retail Price - $497.00

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Today's Price - $397.00

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-A Lot of Customers Ask-

"How Are You Able to Offer Such a Great Price?"

Well, this is the best part... And the secret to our business! 

Our Roosevelt Flagpole does everything that flagpoles over $1500 do and is of similar quality, but we sell ours for a fraction of the cost. 


We are 100% online & do NOT have a brick and mortar store.

Most flagpoles cost crazy amount of money because they weren't made to move in an online world. They travel from factory to factory, to big warehouses, to smaller warehouses,

to showrooms, to retail stores, and then finally to you. That leaves you as the one who ends up having to pay jacked up prices. 

But we go straight from our warehouse to you! 

If you purchase from us, your Flagpole will arrive within 4-7 business days after the day you purchase. 

Your flagpole will ship from one of our 2 locations! Now you don't have to worry about seeing another warehousing fee again. 


We do everything we can to ship your orders our as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Orders are shipping out the following business day. 

Orders on Friday may be processed on the following Monday by FedEx, according to Fedex's policy.

*Shipping timelines may be extended due to external shipping delays 

96% of Customers Say They Have Had a 5 Star Experience with Us!


Product works exactly as described. Simple assembly and installation. Hardest part was digging the hole and pouring the concrete. 100% satisfied.



Something I don't like about telescoping flagpoles is that I can't lower them to half staff, but this one has a pully system as well as telescoping option so that I can lower to half staff when needed.



I just bought one of these for my dad. He served in the Navy and is an amazing patriot. I can't wait to install it in his front yard and see his face.



This flagpole is great! We've had it now almost 2 years and it's held up well.



Awesome! I love this flagpole! In the past I have had sectional flagpoles that are a bit cheesy in their construction. I was hesitant to purchase this unit, but I'm glad I did.



Installation was easy. Topped it with the solar light which stays on all night. Looks fantastic and proud to fly the flag properly.



I am very Happy with the product. It's exactly as tall as i wanted, very easy to raise and lower, hold 2 flags no problem.



This is my 34th pole i have bought. They are all holding up great and will buy more from this seller. People ask me and i get them and put them up for them. Mostly Veterans. Great product HIGHLY recommended.



Best investment I could have made.



Best purchase in some time!!! Very sturdy, and easy to install. Everyone on my block wants one. Great way to show your patriotism!!!



I’ve done 3 of these one for myself and 2 for family members. Durability and quality is a plus. And you can fly two flags at once. If you get this get the solar light fixed to the top. Game changer. 



We have had ours for over a year! It is still up and holding strong. So happy we purchased ours.


We stand behind our product and back our orders with a lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If it is damaged in transit, send fit back and we will provide you with a new one. 

No Hassles, No Questions. 

2022 SALE!!

Retail Price - $497.00

But we have it on sale today

Today's Price - $397.00

Every American Deserves a Flagpole so...

For The Next Hour Get It For Only

$317.60 + FREE Shipping

With This Code


We only have a few left!


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