12 Tricks to Make Your Backyard Pop

12 Tricks to Make Your Backyard Pop


Does a stunning backyard really have to be costly?

Upgrading a simple garden or doing an overhaul of an entire yard will involve some cash. But, there are plenty ways to beautify your space without breaking the bank.

With just some repurposing and a few enhancing schemes, you can integrate your personality into your backyard. You’ll get to enjoy the view you’ve built and make changes whenever you want to.

Here are few things you can do to put life back into your backyard:


1. Plant some perennials

Some perennials can be costly but blanket flowers, day lilies and creeping periwinkles are not. You can integrate some pop of color into your backyard or small garden with just a few beds of these inexpensive plants.


2. Bundle up on ornamental grasses

Attractive grasses like little bluestem, blue oatgrass or feather reedgrass is a great addition when planted in bundles around the backyard. They give a different texture and color and it’s also low maintenance.


3. Use gravel or crushed stones

For areas with heavy foot traffic or where soil isn’t of good quality, you can scatter gravel as a pathway or as a décor around planters.


4. Add lighting fixtures

Hanging outdoor lights are great not only for décor but as a source of light in your backyard when the sun is down. Illuminating your trees, outdoor pillars and pathways will add some festivity to your garden and you’ll be party-ready anytime, every time.


5. Put up a water feature

Whether it’s a three-tiered water fountain or a do-it-yourself one, a water feature will bring more life into your lovely backyard. It also brings tranquility when you need to calm down or read a book.


6. Go vertical with gardening

Another great focal point is a vertical garden. If you don’t have enough space for a big garden or would want a space-saving version of a greenhouse, a vertical garden is your best bet. You can start by repurposing old wooden ladders or crates to grow herbs or blooming plants.


7. Recycle old items

Old metal shelves, wooden crates or wagon wheels can bring something new to your yard. Just make sure to clean and paint them nicely and you can use them as planters or vertical garden. You can also use old plastic containers, big cans or scrap wood.


8. Paint color into the space

If you only have boring clay pots or wooden crates, adding some color into it will make a big difference. A few yellows, blues and pinks are great addition to the bed of greens surrounding the area.


9. Build a fire pit

A big structure like a fire pit is also a good focal point and would be great for family gatherings and parties. You can have one custom-made or build one yourself using bricks and it will still be perfect.


10. Tag your plant with markers

A fragrant herb or beautiful flower will never go unnoticed. So it’s best to know which one is which especially if you’d need some for cooking or a friend would ask about it. It’s also a great way to beautify your garden or add some color into it. That is if you don’t want to paint your pots and planters.


11. Set some stepping stones

It’s undeniable that pathways designed with stepping stones look really great. They are durable, low maintenance and cost effective. You can also play it up with scrap stones, bricks or marble slabs for a rustic look.


12. Add outdoor seats

Any garden without seating is incomplete. Not only for parties, it’s also great for afternoon teas, reading a book or just to get fresh air. And you’ll need to sit and admire that beautiful yard you’ve built.


A yard makeover doesn’t have to cost you your entire savings. Sometimes, old items and scraps that you once thought were useless are the ones you’d need to put a patio back to life.


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