Home Décor Upgrade: 12 Inexpensive Tips to Consider

The only constant thing in the world is change. 

You’ve pretty much changed your curtains and rugs every few days. But did you really do it because you wanted a style change or just because they are dirty?

That old but beautiful furniture you’ve kept in the same corner for five years is becoming stale. Those frames and paintings on the walls are fading. 

It’s time for you to spice things up!

This isn’t about taking walls down and we’re not talking about dusting off or a simple linen change either. Small changes can do wonders to a big room or in this case, your entire home.

With just a few inexpensive tricks and some treasure hunting, you can upgrade your home décor and bring some life into your space!


  1. Sort and declutter


A room that’s full of furniture and accessories won’t feel comfy and cozy. This is why it’s important to do some decluttering first before creating a room layout. You need to identify first which items you’ll keep and the ones you’ll repurpose, store and let go.


  1. Do something about the lighting


Every room needs proper lighting so it can be open and inviting. Add floor lamps or hanging lights to brighten a dark corner or highlight the most appealing part of the room. For existing lamps, change the design or color of the cloth shade or swap out lampshades from different rooms.

If you want a bigger change, replace your ceiling fixtures with modern and patterned light pieces.


  1. Update drawer and door handles


With constant use, drawer and door handles can easily get dirty and worn out. Depending on your style, you can change them to rustic copper or chic glass ones. These small details are easily noticeable and can also bring a design pop to your cabinets.


  1. Paint an accent wall


Another easy and inexpensive trick is to paint an accent wall with a higher contrast or bolder color than your existing wall color. You can also use two or more shades of the same color and add geometric patterns or stripes. This will serve as the focal point of the room and will bring more oomph to the design.


  1. Add some wallpapers


Instead of paint, you can use modern style wallpaper as your accent wall. Just steer clear of out of style wallpapers. They are seriously outdated and can make the room dim.

It’s also important to use easy install and removable wallpapers. You wouldn’t want to ruin your walls and repaint the whole thing.


  1. Create a gallery wall


A gallery wall is one of the easiest décor projects. Just put together several photo frames or existing artworks and hang them in one wall.

Before drilling in holes and installing hooks, lay your frames on the floor first, picture your desired pattern or design and arrange them accordingly. This way, you can avoid unnecessary work and patchy walls.


  1. Revamp your doors


Whether it’s your main door or the interior ones, a simple paint job on any of them will give a new zing to your home. You can also repaint your pantry and cupboard doors for an added pop of color.


  1. Go for nature


Live plants and flowers give life and a natural element to a room. They purify the air, absorb toxins and are natural insect repellents. Some plants also boost mood, energize and reduce stress.


  1. Bring in the mirrors


Give the illusion of a bigger space by adding a mirror to a room. Mirrors also reflect light and helps illuminate dark spaces. If you have a bare wall and artworks are not your thing, go for a wide mirror and some good lighting instead.


  1. Rearrange your furniture


Is your bookshelf covering a portion of the windows? Do you always knock pieces off the side table? This means some of your furniture and pieces are out of place and dysfunctional.

Correct these design errors by creating a room layout and identifying functional placements for big and small furniture. Everything will easily fall into place once your major fixtures are arranged and out of the way.


  1. Repurpose old furniture and pieces


After decluttering a room or space, you’ll find a few pieces you can repurpose for the next room. You may have also kept an antique desk or a cute accent chair from your previous décor project that will work with your new design.

Take an old dresser as an example. You can remove the drawers and turn them into hang-on-the-wall bookcases. You can then cut off the top section of the dresser and make the lower portion a TV stand or additional kitchen storage.


  1. Hide the wires and cables


Loose wires and cables are not only unsightly but can also cause accidents. If you want to give your new home décor justice, you can hide them under the furniture or cover them with cord covers that blend with your wall color.

Make sure to avoid octopus connections and too many extension cords. They are messy and more importantly, unsafe.

Upgrading your home doesn’t necessarily mean buying new fixtures or doing major renovations. Sometimes, all it takes are some fresh paint, a few rearranging and loads of creativity.


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